APE FITTINGS, connection technology.

Plumbing fittings, Made in Italy

Article 702 L
Straight female


Female straight female fitting for multilayer pipe. The articles are equipped with an o-ring that guarantees the seal in combination with the sawtooth profile of the hose itself, plus PE ring to eliminate any stray currents. The fittings are externally nickel plated and yellow internally, to comply with DM174. The fittings are used in hydro-thermal-sanitary systems. Temperature range: from -25 ° C to 120 ° C - Working pressure: max 16 bar.


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Product details

CodeSizeBag (Nr)Box (Nr)
3702L012161/2" x Ø16 (2.0)10250
3702L012181/2" x Ø18 (2.0)10200
3702L012201/2" x Ø20 (2.0)10200
3702L034163/4" x Ø16 (2.0)10150
3702L034183/4" x Ø18 (2.0)10150
3702L034203/4" x Ø20 (2.0)10150
3702L034263/4" x Ø26 (3.0)5100
3702L001261" x Ø26 (3.0)5100
3702L001321" x Ø32 (3.0)580

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Drawing dimensions

CodeQuota AQuota BQuota CQuota DQuota E
3702L01216G 1/2" ISO 228Ø16 (2.0)39CH 24CH 24
3702L01218G 1/2" ISO 228Ø18 (2.0)40CH 25CH 28
3702L01220G 1/2" ISO 228Ø20 (2.0)40CH 25CH 28
3702L03416G 3/4" ISO 228Ø16 (2.0)41CH 30CH 24
3702L03418G 3/4" ISO 228Ø18 (2.0)42CH 30CH 28
3702L03420G 3/4" ISO 228Ø20 (2.0)42CH 30CH 28
3702L03426G 3/4" ISO 228Ø26 (3.0)45CH 33CH 36
3702L00126G 1" ISO 228Ø26 (3.0)46CH 38CH 36
3702L00132G 1" ISO 228Ø32 (3.0)48,50CH 38CH 42