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We consider all orders as reserve booked but said orders do not bind our Company to deliver the goods requested. The minimum order value is 500,00 euros.
Save other agreements, we apply prices current at the date of order. Prices are for goods delivered ex-works.
Delivery times are agreed for each order at contract stage. The times are indicative only. The date of delivery is the day on which we deliver the goods to the courier or make the goods available for collection by the customer. We provide no indemnity of any kind for any direct or indirect damage due to delayed delivery.

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APE fittings has always believed in quality and has implemented since1998 a quality control system that has been certified as to UNI EN ISO 2002 : 1994. Later, in 2002, the system was renewed and improved to conform to UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2000. Last, in 2009, the APE quality system was certified under the new UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008. The strong commitment by APE to high quality production standards is proved by the fact that some APE products have been certified by third party agencies such as DVGW in Germany, Kiwa in Holland, ITB in Poland, TSU in Slovakia and Gost in Russia.
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In the 1960’s Mr. Angelo Pe began an independent and family-run enterprise manufacturing small parts for brass taps and fittings for third parties, called “Torneria Pe Angelo”. In 1970, the first change of location occurred, involving the modernization and expansion of the production systems. From the collaboration between Mr. Angelo Pe and Engineer Guido Baschirotto, a second enterprise called “APE RACCORDERIE di Pe Angelo & C. snc” was established in 1985.
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