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Slim system


The ‘SLIM’ system allows installation of a radiant floor heating system of thickness just 33 mm including the covering, and so is ideal in all situations where the main need is to limit the thickness. This result is possible thanks to the use as a special cement grout by Mapei Novoplan Maxi that replaces the classic sand/cement and the lastgeneration self-levelling screed types. Thanks to the double-sided adhesive, the system can be easily laid on existing floors, as in the case of building refits, satisfying a wide range of building needs. The SLIM panel is made with a PP compound reinforced with mineral and microsphere fillers having high sound-proofing characteristics, and has 20 mm risers with high compression strength; it is provided with HotMelt bonding and monosilicone paper. The panel has laying pitch 50mm perpendicular and 75mm diagonal, the risers are offset at the head and sides to allow easy and quick concrete casting and filling.


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Product details

CodeDescriptionPackage (m²)No. of panels
TI40622000SLIM system mm 820X620 H 200 with adhesive9.620

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Drawing dimensions

CodeClew BTOT panel A+B (mm)Screed Mapei panel of existing rigid support C 1Screed Mapei with the panel of insulating layer C 2With traditional screed A+B+C1+DWith self – levelling screed A+B+C2+D