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Wall or ceiling dehumidifier, for relative humidity control in areas with floor, wall or ceiling cooling systems. This is an isothermal machine that uses the same water available to the radiant panel system The machine is made up of: • Frame in galvanised steel covered internally with noise reducing mattress in open-cell expanded polyurethane; • Copper tube-aluminium fin heat exchangers (with air pre-cooling using water from the radiant system to improve dehumidifying efficiency; • Brazed stainless steel plate heat exchanger R134A • Suction filter type G3 Hermetic monocylinder compressor refrigerator unit; • Humidity filter Thermostatic expansion valve On-off valve for operation mode switch; • Condensate pan Centrifugal blower (double inlet, forward vanes, 3-speed direct coupled motor); • Alarm and defrost cycles. Electric control and operation panel.


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CodeDescriptionPackage (Nr)
TI60101010Ceiling dehumidifier 200 mc/h1
TI60102010Wall-mounted dehumidifier 200 mc/h1
TI60102035Wall-mounted dehumidifier 350 mc/h1

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