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The air conditioner APE in the industrial version is a machine for duct operation in false ceilings that allows both dehumidification and temperature control in areas with floor, wall or ceiling radiant cooling systems. The unit cools the inlet air using both system water and an internal cooling system, to improve dehumidifying efficiency. The machine can also, on electric command, release the heat generated by the refrigeration unit to the system water, so cooling the outlet air and integrating the cooling effect of the radiant panels. The unit is made up of: • Frame in galvanised steel covered internally with noise reducing mattress in open-cell expanded polyurethane. • Suction filter type G3 • The refrigeraton circuit includes: heat exchangers in copper- aluminium, plate water heat exchanger R134A in brazed stainless steel, piston compressor, humidity filter, thermostatic expansion valve, on-off valve for operation mode switch; • The water circuit includes: copper pipe heat exchanger for air-pretreatment, plate heat exchanger for refrigerant cooling, on-off valve for operation mode switch; • Condensate pan; • Centrifugal double inlet fan with forward vanes, 6-speed with direct coupled motor; • Electric control and operation panel.


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CodeDescriptionPackage (Nr)
TI60201035Ceiling air conditioner 350 mc/h1
TI60201050Ceiling air conditioner 500 mc/h1

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