Condizioni di vendita



We consider all orders as reserve booked but said orders do not bind our Company to deliver the goods requested. The minimum order value is 500,00 euros.


Save other agreements, we apply prices current at the date of order. Prices are for goods delivered ex-works.


Delivery times are agreed for each order at contract stage. The times are indicative only. The date of delivery is the day on which we deliver the goods to the courier or make the goods available for collection by the customer. We provide no indemnity of any kind for any direct or indirect damage due to delayed delivery.


Payment is due within the agreed terms, including in the case of delayed arrival of the goods. In the case of payment delayed beyond the agreed date, interest for delayed payment will be due without warning.


If the Customer does not pay within the agreed terms, APE can suspend or delay delivery of the products until complete settlement of the outstanding bills.


We accept no returned goods without our prior written authorization. Goods can only be returned to us Delivered Duty Paid.


Goods travel always at total buyer’s risk.


We guarantee all APE products for two (2) years from the date of shipping from our stores and only if protected against weather damages. Our products are insured against damage caused by product defects. Insurance is provided to cover responsibilities under Presidential Decree No. 224 dated 24 May, 1986, and in any case according to Directive 85/374 of the EU Council.


Before making any claim for faulty goods, please make sure that the goods concerned were made by APE RACCORDERIE. You must demonstrate this requisite with a copy of our sales invoices. Any claims as to the quality and quantity of the goods supplied must be sent to APE within 10 days of receipt of the goods and only by fax, letter or e-mail. Only in the case of installation of APE products and of damage to persons or property involuntarily caused by such products, we will instruct our Insurer to carry out a survey as to our Policy terms. In order to make a claim to the Insurer, APE must receive all data on the event, photographs of the faulty articles at the site of installation, one or more samples of the faulty goods, the damaged party’s references and the place where the loss adjuster must go immediately to carry out the necessary surveys. No indemnity will be paid to the Customer before APE RACCORDERIE has verified the cause of the claim and/or damage.


APE RACCORDERIE reserves the right to modify products without warning should this be commercially and technically necessary.
By accepting these general sales terms and conditions, the buyer waives all his own general – either individual or collective - buyer terms. Any controversy that may arise from application of this contract will be settled by the Court of Brescia.


Do not use hemp for M/F fittings and unions. Inspect all products to make sure that they are correctly assembled and that they have no visible defects. This is an integral part of our sales terms and conditions.