Art. AP 654

elbow with flange


Elbow with flange press fittings for multilayer pipes.
Product code Size(mm) Bag(nr) New Box(nr) *
3AP6541216 1/2" x 16 (2.00) 5 40
3AP6541220 1/2" x 20 (2.00) 5 35

(*) APE Raccorderie Srl introduced the usage of a new box (30x21,5x11), with the aim of reducing maximum weights of each box as required by Italian legislative decree 81/08 (referred to the norm ISO 11228). We expect that new box will contain about half of the pieces of the previous box, but real quantities will be updated after the production. Old boxes will be sent until they’ll be out of stock.

(**) Estimated quantity

Quoted Design


Product code A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm)
3AP6541216 Rp 1/2" ISO 7 Ø16 (2.0) 52 32 51,50
3AP6541220 Rp 1/2" ISO 7 Ø20 (2.0) 52 32 51,50