APE MULTILAYER: multilayer pipe (PE-xB/Al/PE-Xb - compliant with classes 1-2-4 and 5 of UNI-EN ISO 21003 and DIN 4726 regulation). Built with a double internal and external polyethylene netting layer PE-xB (Method B silanes) connected with a special adhesive on a middle layer in aluminium alloy longitudinally welled (TIG head to head). It guarantees a high level of structure mouldability, a complete barrier to oxygen, a total hygiene and a high resistance to corrosion, thanks to fluid conduction inside the PE-xB inner layer.
Max operating temperature: 95°
Max peak temperature: 110°
Max pressure at 95: 10 bar.
Thermal conductivity at 20°C: 0,43 W/mK.
Permeability to oxygen: 0 mg/l.
Roughness: 7 μm.
DVGW, KIWA, KOMO certificated.
Product code Size(mm) Coil length (m) Q.ty for pallet(m) Pallet dimension(cm)
9MN021620500R 16 x 2.0 500 3000 80 x 80 x H.210
9MN032020300R 20 x 2.0 300 2400 90 x 90 x H.220